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Jackfruit payasam

Jackfruit payasam | chakka pradhaman – a flavour payasam recipe made using jackfruit which is called palapazham

Mango halwa recipe

Mango halwa with mango pulp is one melt in mouth recipe, you will feel no regrets trying this easy mango halwa.

Ellu urundai recipe

This ellu mithai recipe is usually made during festivals like vinayagar Chaturthi and Krishna Jayanthi

Ulundhu laddu recipe

Ulundhu laddu recipe / urad dal laddu – Hope you friends had a blast in this Diwali celebration. I couldn’t share more recipes for this Diwali.

Gulab jamuns using khoya

Khoya Gulab Jamun !! I tried for the first time. Such a delectable sweet. The sweet dumplings stewed in sugar syrup are drool worthy

Quick Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding

Quick Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding is a creamy pudding recipe with a pumpkin pie spice flavors along with cranberries and almonds. Made under 20 minutes

Mocha Oat Cookies

Do you love coffee? Do you love cookies? Do you love chocolate? Do you like them all together!?!? ME TOO! Look no further these cookies have it all. With added oats of course because you know- we need some nutrition! These cookies are delicious and can really hold up to being dipped in a hot […]

Madlouaha Lebanese Nights

Madlouaha or Lebanese Nights or Layali Lubnan is a beautiful Lebanese Dessert which is simple, easy and quick to make and so refreshing that it will leave you with pure satisfaction. It hardly takes any time to prepare and can be made well ahead in time for guests coming over. A velvety pudding with coconut […]

Health Mix Laddu

Health Mix Laddu , a healthier and tasty Indian sweet. It will take less time and less ingredient to make this laddoo. Get the recipe! Health Mix Laddu

Sicilian Almond Biscuits

Wonderful almond small pastries, so good that they will last only 3 minutes!! GLUTEN AND DAIRY-FREE AND ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS!!! Get the Recipe: Sicilian Almond Biscuits

Til Gud Mewa Ladoo – Sesame Jaggery Nut Sweets

10 mins easy and scrumptious recipe which is equally healthy and high on energy. It’s also a great option for tea-time snacks or can be easily carried in ziplock bags for travel. Also, it can be stored for upto a month in a cool dry place. From the original site: Here’s a very easy and […]

Thirunelvelli Halwa

An authentic halwa from tamil nadu , nellai district which very popular for its delicious taste and made with wheat berries From the original site: Thirunelveli halwa is my all time fav , as a kid i used to love the jelly like transparent halwa which my friends used to share with me at school […]

Cranberry upside down cake

This is a fairly easy recipe and because the cake it baked upside down it is lovely moist and juicy. Get the Recipe: Cranberry upside down cake

Christmas Fruitcake

Fruitcake dates back to the Roman times and in the 1400’s the British began their love affair with fruitcake when dried fruits from the Mediterranean first arrived. This cake was generally served at weddings – the dark cake was given out as the groom’s cake and the white fruitcake was the bride’s. It was the […]

Lemon Chess Pie

When I was a kid, this was the lemon pie that my mom would make… rich, dense, and lemon-y, it spoiled me to all other lemon pies. Now it can be your favorite too… Here’s the Recipe: (Can double and make 2 pies—freeze one*) 1 ½ lemons (3/8 cup lemon juice) 1 ½ cup sugar […]

Make Homemade Valentines Conversation Hearts

I was looking for valentine’s ideas over at One Pretty Thing and came across this how-to on how to make your own valentines hearts. Cute idea for a personalized v-day treat! Go get the instructions at Suzy’s Artsy-Crafty Sitcom: Make Homemade Conversation Hearts

Budin de Huevos – Egg Bread Pudding!

I made this recipe by accident one day while trying to make a version of tres leches cake batter using the ingredients I had on hand, mainly cake flour and not all purpose flour. What came out was most certainly not a tres leches, but it was still pretty delicious. I have called this my […]

Here comes Peter Cottontail

This cake holds so many memories for me.  As a child, we made a version of this every year at Easter.  What I love about it is the simplicity of the design – even a child can pull this off.  You don’t have to be a professional to make this simple little bunny shaped cake, […]

More Holiday Sweets

A trio of good sweet eats from Talk Of Tomatoes: Peppermint Bark, Chipolte Candied Pecans, & Snowball Cookies

Rainbow Bubbles

Easy!  Festive!  Delicious! Refreshing! Pretty!  This is my favorite go-to dessert after a simple, quiet meal for two or a blow-out family celebration.  It works perfectly with a quiche brunch or a prime rib dinner!  Adults love it made with Champagne and kids love it made with ginger ale.  A delicious summertime treat! Ingredients: Rainbow […]

Strawberry Curd

Strawberries are finally in season locally, which means they’re once again affordable and fresh.  My four-year-old LOVES them, so they are always on-hand at our house this time of year. I wanted something a little bit more sophisticated to serve with our Easter bunny cake, so I decided to try my hand at a strawberry […]

Birds Nest Macaroons for Easter!

I love this simple idea for an Easter or Spring themed sweet treat from Sunday Hotpants!  Something a little unusual, and tasty too…  (Sigh, I don’t like coconut… I wonder if anything else could be substituted and still get the same effect?) She writes: I’m not very good at getting things posted for the holidays, […]