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Spotlight: Black Bean Burgers

I was just thinking about making black bean burgers the other day, and then I ran across these vegan Black Bean Burgers today at Can You Stay For Dinner.  This was just the kind of recipe I was looking for.  A black bean burger, or patty, should not try to replicate a hamburger, but revel […]

New Mexico Red Chile Cheese Enchiladas

A big welcome to our newest contributor, Cecily!  Read a little about her here… Red or green? That’s the New Mexico state question; as in, would you like red or green chile on your enchiladas?  Having lived in southern New Mexico for seven years, I love red chile.  Well, I love green too, come to […]

Smoky Lentil Soup

Don’t forget- We love our readers!  Enter the Contest! I’m on a Good Eats kick lately (gotta get my Alton fix!), and I’ve been filling up the DVR with old episodes… I happened to catch the one about lentils the other night, and picky husband indicated that the lentil soup sounded tasty. I do a […]