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Vanilla Bean Caramel Apples

Easy caramel apples that taste delicious. Nobody likes a bad apple, especially one wrapped in a caramel that is worse than the apple. Make a caramel apple that kids and adults alike appreciate. Delicious caramel apple recipe. You won’t be disappointed. From the original site: This is my attempt to right the wrong of bad […]

Creamy Caramel Bars

A perfectly easy dessert for the caramel lover! From the original site: Salt and caramel. Could there be a better match made in heaven. I know all of you chocolate and peanut butter lovers are yelling at me right now. I admit it chocolate and peanut butter are right up there with the best combinations, […]

Milky Way Pots de Creme

Miniature Milky Way candy bars, caramel and chocolate whipped cream put these pots de creme over the top! This decadent dessert is impressive, so delicious, and so easy! From the original site: I’m not going to lie…these are ridiculously rich and made me feel like I never wanted to eat candy again. Of course that […]

Spotlight: Caramel Spiral

Need another tool in your arsenal of impressive pastry decorating?  Over at Duh-licious, go read this tutorial to create these gorgeous caramel spirals!  I could think of plenty of opportunities to use these in decorating some lovely desserts. Sugar Work: Caramel Spiral