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How to poach an egg

How to poach an egg. Easy step by step recipe, with all you need to know. A few things to keep in mind. 1. It is very important to use really fresh eggs. 2. You have to check the consistency of the egg after 3-5 minutes of cooking time in order to get a soft […]

Light Avocado Mayonnaise

A light and smooth avocado sauce flavoured with an hint of garlic. Perfect with fish, eggs or vegan sandwiches!

Blueberry Bonanza: Parfait & Gratin

Packed with vitamin C, 25% of your daily need in every serving and only 80 calories per cup and virtually no fat…no wonder we all love blueberries! These little treasures are also filled with dietary fiber and are an excellent source of manganese, all the while claiming nearly the top in antioxidant activity per serving! […]

Healthy Snack! Oven Dried Potato Chips (Crisps)

Irish blog The Daily Spud brings us this fabulous idea — Oven dried potato crisps (chips to us Yanks).  Salt & Vinegar… mmmm!!  Wouldn’t these be cute served in little paper food baskets? And not fried, so they are actually a healthy snack… I’m wondering how these would come out in a sweet potato version. […]