15 Recipe Ideas: Sweet Peppers & Tomatillos

Sweet Pepper Ideas (from perrysplate.com)

Sweet Pepper Ideas (from perrysplate.com)

Check this out at @perrysplate: I love lists of ideas to do with a particular ingredient!  Natalie shares some great ideas and recipes on what to do with a CSA haul containing bell peppers and tomatillos.  I’m loving the inspiring list of recipes featuring bell peppers, and for the tomatillos, she includes a handy recipe for Green Salsa (yum!).

I was almost giddy when we got a pile of sweet peppers in our CSA box a couple of weeks ago. Especially the lighter green one that looked like a pirate hook. Farm-fresh produce has so much more personality than commercially grown!

I think they’ve got tomatillos planted at the farm as well, but I was antsy and ran to the store to get some. I’d had a salsa verde craving for a while and couldn’t wait any longer.

If you’ve never tried tomatillos, you definitely should. They look like little green tomatoes wrapped in a papery husk and have a tart, citrusy flavor. I’m not a fan of eating them raw, but after a good roasting, they make a fantastic salsa. Make a big batch of salsa verde (recipe at the end of the post!) and whip up a few of these recipes.

So go check it out!  Sweet Peppers & Tomatillos @ Perry’s Plate

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