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Healthy Mini Chicken Burgers

Searing in the flavourful juices with Camelina Oil while charring the outside, enjoy these Healthy Mini Chicken Burgers without feeling guilty!

Farmhouse Veggie Burgers

I am a big fan of veggie burgers whether it is making them at home or ordering them at a restaurant, but sometimes they all taste the same. This recipe uses only eggplants as the base with great seasonings and extra delicious ingredients. The best thing is that it takes 30 minutes to prepare and […]

Ricky Ricotta Burgers

Burger quest number three! Figured there should be a beef burger in the mix right? But there are so many great burger recipes floating through the cyber world how can anyone possibly create something remotely new and different? Short answer is I don’t think it can be done! Not to be discouraged, I decided to […]

Rocking Rooster Burgers

I’m having loads of fun exploring burgers this week and actually, so is my husband Filippo! Today we’re using another alternate protein, chicken. I wanted to create a hearty burger that would satisfy a big manly appetite or even a teenage boy who loves his big meaty burgers. So after some experimenting I settled on […]

Mushroom Chicken Burgers and Bake-Fries

{a Foodwhirl Re-run} Years ago, when the fat-free fad was all the rage (oh, how very far we’ve come) I got on a turkey-burger kick using 99% fat free ground turkey breast.  The problem with 99% fat free anything is that it has very little fat (duh), which means very little moisture (or flavor, for […]