Happy April fool’s day – Burmese mochi

Welcome to the month of April. It is one of my favorite months. Spring is finally here and in Northern California the rain is on its way out. April also the month of the Burmese New year, which used to mean there was lots of food in our house. Some of the food we will pass out to our neighbors or guests. A new thing I discovered in America was April fool’s Day. So I was thinking how I could cook a recipe that somehow would be appropriate for April fool’s Day and a reminder of Burmese New Year. This recipe seems perfect. Let me explain and I am sure that you would agree.

Special Instructions: Serves 2 Time required: 10 min

1/2 cup sticky rice powder
1/4 cup water minus 1 tsp water
2 tbsp palm sugar, cubed
2 tbsp sweeten flaked coconut, garnish


In a bowl combine sticky rice powder and water; mix well.

Get dough the size of plum and make a little well inside and place the palm sugar and close the dough after and roll with your palms in a circular motion to make a ball.

Repeat above instruction until all the dough is gone.

Let water boil in a 6 qt pot. Place all mocha into the pot but make sure to place the mochi balls away from each other. Cook for 5 minutes and take the mochi balls out of the water.

Place on the plate and garnish with coconut flakes.

About Me: BestOodles is an authentic easy Burmese recipes and food website written by Katherine who loves to cook, and create recipes.



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