Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu, and tips for weeknight dinners

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Love this great post from Can You Stay For Dinner — Not only does the easy lemon chicken cordon bleu recipe look very tasty, but I really like her thoughts about how she comes up with dinners for the week… go see!

“Truth: I cook all of the meals that I eat during the week on the weekend. Yes. Each Sunday morning, there’s a crumpled and crotchety old piece of notebook paper set atop my kitchen counter with a list of dinners that are previously decided delicious. And there I am, standing in my two-day-worn jammies, hair a hot mess, cooking and singing a little too wildly. ‘Smiling, Crazy-Eyed Fool,’ if we were to name the scene.

Usually at the start of the weekend, I ask Daniel to think about foods that he’s craving and meals that sound appealing. I ask him to consider meals involving x, y, and z items that are on sale this week. It’s generally along the lines of me shouting from my perch on the kitchen counter, store circular and scissors in hand, “Chicken! Ice Cream! That rye bread you like! Toothpaste!!!”

The enthusiasm and decibel of my voice are often unnecessary. That much I admit.”

Go Read the Whole thing, and get the recipe for her Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu!

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  • Anonymous said:

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  • 1 said:

    MMMMmmmm MMMMMmmmm Very tasty recipe I really like this food. I will taste it then i will try to my home kitchen.
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