Ginger & White Chocolate Granola Bars

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My husband and son eat a granola bar for breakfast almost daily, and while I’m always stocked on the store bought ones, sometimes I like to make them from scratch. It’s an easy process — very kid-helping-friendly, too. And it takes an hour at most from start to finish (including 25 minutes bake time)
The variations on these are endless. I actually made 3 different flavors in this batch, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 White Chocolate, and 1 Ginger/White Chocolate, but the ones that really popped were the Ginger & White Chocolate variation. The spicy candied ginger is a wonderful contrast to the sweet white chocolate. Recipe and step by step pics are below..

Granola loves snowy days!

I originally started making granola bars using Alton Brown’s recipe, which is excellent, but I now play around with different variations on the same theme.

Oven: 350F

Dry Ingredients:

If you have a kitchen scale, this is a simple recipe to measure out. Just put a big bowl on your scale, zero out your scale, and start putting ingredients in. Once you reach the weight, zero again and add the next ingredient. Otherwise you get a bunch of bowls/measuring cups dirty. In case you don’t have a kitchen scale, I’ve included approximations by volume.

6 1/2 ounces (by weight) coursely chopped mixed nuts (1.5 c)
8 oz (2.5 c) Rolled Oats
1.5-2 oz (1/2 c) wheat germ

Spread these on a cookie sheet and place in 350 oven for about 10 minutes, checking/stirring occasionally.

While that’s roasting, prepare the binding liquid. (This part is directly from Alton’s recipe, I’ve found it to be very successful for making crunchy bars–I’m still looking for the perfect combination for a chewy result.)
Put your saucepan on the scale, and measure these items into it.
6oz honey (~1/2c)
1 3/4 c brown sugar (~1/4 c packed)
1 oz (1 Tbsp) Butter
1/2 teas kosher salt
2 Teas Vanilla

Heat over medium heat, stirring, until all the sugar is melted.

Remove your dry ingredients from the oven and stir into your wet.

Gently toss with your addins (if you want your chips to stay chip-like!) The chips will start to melt.
Press into a greased pan (I used an 8×11).
(If you’re doing multiple addin mixtures, separate with parchment paper)

Bake in 300F oven for ~25 min
Remove, let cool thoroughly. Slice and store in an airtight container, or individual wrapped in foil.

Final mix-ins: (approximate)
For a whole pan of Ginger White Chocolate:
6 oz Chopped candied ginger
4-5 oz White Chocolate chips

For mine (3 flavors) I did:
-1/3 of the pan with 3 oz candied ginger/1.5 oz white chocolate
-1/3 with 1.5 ounces white chocolate
-1/3 with 2 + oz. mini chocolate chips
(Separate your sections with parchment paper.)

Hope you enjoy this! The possibilities are limited only by what’s in your pantry, and your imagination…

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I'm sorta a crafty nerdy cook, who is layered... like pie.
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14 Comment(s) »

  • Niki said:

    Yum! These look so good, and easy too. Can’t wait to try them (one version without nuts – the husband is allergic).

  • Dot
    Dot said:

    All of these have nuts, but just sub approximately the same quanities of other, non allergic filler! If he’s not allergic to seeds, pumpkin seed or sunflower seeds are a good choice.

  • Addy said:

    Oh these look like they’re getting made this weekend! Yum, granola.

  • kristina said:

    I tried the Alton Brown recipe this past weekend. I had problems with the bars staying together after I cut them up. Any tips?

  • Dot said:

    I’ve had that issue before a little bit with that recipe, usually because my ingredients ended up pretty different from altons. I would increase the honey to up the sticky factor… good luck!


    Oh, and welcome everyone from Foodgawker and Tastespotting… we’re brand new, so take a look around and let us know what you think!!

  • Chas said:

    What a coincidence. I have been messing around with Alton’s recipe as well and something I have tried that works to bind and help the chew factor is heating dates in apple juice then pureeing them into a paste and adding it to the mix. I would like to cut out the brown sugar and honey (which I have replaced with agave nectar.) I also do not bake them like Alton’s recipe suggests but just pop them in the oven for a few minutes then refrigerate. Thanks for the photo play-by-play.

  • Dot
    Dot said:

    Thanks Chas! Those are some great ideas… I’ll have to incorporate some of those in my next version :)

    I’m thinking not doing the last bake would lead to chewy rather than crunchy.. Does the puree help it stay together well?

  • HRobinson said:

    If you’re looking for chewy… think of it like making homemade rice crispy treats or no-bakes. I’ve had success stiring in a little peanut butter toward the end. Also using kayro syrup or maple syrup instead of brown or white sugars (if you’re looking to drop some calories sugar free syrups work alright too). Syrups mean the sugar is already “dissolved” and you don’t cook it too much changing the properties and getting into those harder candy phases. Keep up the experimenting. I’ve gone from “falling apart soft” to “time for a dental checkup” hard.

  • Megan said:

    YUM-these sound and look delicious! I love making my own granola at home but have never thought about turning it into individual bars-your recipe sounds great and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Jessica@Healthy Exposures said:

    these look and sound amazing – beautiful photos!
    I am a crystallized ginger FIEND, so you can bet I’m saving this recipe :)

  • Dot
    Dot said:

    Thanks! let us know how it comes out when you make it!

  • HRobinson said:

    I made a batch of these last weekend and we loved them but I remembered how I got them to be soft. I don’t bake the finished batch. I roast everything, then heat the liquids and finally mix it all together stirring in the add-ins last. Depending on your “liquids” recipe they come out similar to “Rice Crispy” treats. If you use peanut butter they’re like something we had as kids with cornflakes, peanut butter and kayro syrup, or even something similar to no-bake cookies depending on proportions of ingredients.

    I press the mix into a pan and let it all cool, then cut. They hold up alright when you get the right mix but I’ve lost my recipe so I’ll be experimenting until I get it right again. I’ve also kept the “chocolate” from being added to the mix and after cutting I will “frost” the bars.

    Any which way… yum!

  • Dot
    Dot said:

    Great ideas! thanks for sharing your experience :)

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