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Fresh and sassy! I enjoy all aspects of cooking, especially working with chocolate. I finished my first Chocolatier Program and hope to keep working towards my own chocolate paradise!
Vanilla Bean Caramel Apples

Easy caramel apples that taste delicious. Nobody likes a bad apple, especially one wrapped in a caramel that is worse than the apple. Make a caramel apple that kids and adults alike appreciate. Delicious caramel apple recipe. You won’t be disappointed. From the original site: This is my attempt to right the wrong of bad […]

Tres Chiles Chocolate Cake with Habanero Hibiscus Caramel

This is the chocolate chile bomb. A contest entry…. Marx Foods supplied the chiles and I supplied the chocolate! Here is the final product… complete with a habanero hibiscus caramel sauce. Vote for the cake if you think it’s worthy! Voting url : It is also in the original post! From the original site: […]

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

This is a delicious recipe for those of us with a pension towards the orange chocolate combo. These are made with melted chocolate, orange zest and bits of orange flavored chocolate. The frosting on them is smooth, sweet and delicious with a bit of twang. From the original site: I was caught between Chocolate Orange […]