Welcome to Foodwhirl!

Whew!  It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but it’s all pulled together beautifully!

Welcome to our new site.  We’re very excited to be here, and for you to be here too!

A good place to start :  Read all about us, and our mission here on our About page…

Or just dive right into the recipes, techniques and meal planning ideas.  You can find the latest items in each category on our home page, or brown category archives from the green menu bar at the top of each page.

Or just read it all in chronological order here!

We’re so sparkly brand new that we’re still playing with the bubble wrap, so if you see a bug or something that doesn’t look right, be sure to drop me a line at admin@foodwhirl.com (or use our Contact page) — and we’d love any feedback about the site, good or constructive!

We have a bunch more stuff coming, so don’t miss a thing by subscribing to our RSS feed, or you can get foodwhirl delivered to your email inbox (we don’t spam, we promise).

Want to connect with us?  We’ll be sharing at our Facebook page, and at our @foodwhirl Twitter account.  Plus we have a Flickr group too, for your food related photos!

It’s great to meet you!



PS:  We’d love for you guys to get involved and help spread the word–this isn’t some big corporate undertaking with a marketing budget, we’re just cooks like you.  Just posting a link to the site on your blog, facebook, twitter, or whatnot would be a big help!  We have some nifty buttons too – feel free to grab one.  Let us know if you link to us, so we can stop by and admire it!


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