About Niki

Hi, I’m Niki.  I was born and raised in the South, where learning to cook seems to be mandated from birth.  I currently live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, where I am completely outnumbered by the men in my life – my husband, two young boys and our dog, Charlie.  If left to their own devices they would live off of Ramen, Hamburger Helper(R) and other assorted processed foods.  It is my goal to make sure that they aren’t often left to their own devices.

I love to eat and eat well, and on a limited budget that means cooking at home – a lot.  Additionally, I am committed to raising healthy children who aren’t afraid to try new things.  I have dabbled in all different cooking techniques and enjoy the process of all of them.  I’ve even tried my hand at catering.  Mostly I just love food and will do pretty much anything to learn how to replicate a dish that I love.

My focus here will be healthy cooking for children and families.  This might include making your own baby food, getting your kids to eat their vegetables (and other assorted “weird” foods), baking birthday cakes (no more store-bought chemically preserved cakes) or cooking with your kids.  I firmly believe that if kids are exposed to a variety of foods from an early age, they will not develop the food fears that we see in so many of today’s children.  And, by avoiding the heavily processed convenience foods that so many of us rely on, we’re teaching our children to be healthy, well-balanced individuals.

I look forward to sharing our family’s food journey with you.


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