About Rawls

Hi, I’m Rawls.  I am a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant and self-proclaimed “greenie” and I love to cook.    I’m far from being a true chef, and I don’t always follow “the rules” of cooking, but most everything I make turns out really good, if I do say so myself.

I am mostly a vegetarian, though I do eat fish and some chicken periodically, and I don’t like to use processed foods of any kind.    I advocate an anti-inflammatory diet for myself and others which means I limit the use of meats, sugars, bad-for-you fats, wheat, and dairy, and go heavy on the fresh vegetables and fruits.   I’ve recently started an organic produce delivery business which helps keep a steady supply of fruits and veggies in my kitchen.   I normally just cook for me & my man (who is also an awesome cook), and love to entertain and have friends over for a leisurely dinner.    Food and friends… what could be better?

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