Claypot Chicken Rice – Without Claypot

Quick & easy way is to cook Claypot Chicken Rice – combine all ingredients and pop everything into the rice cooker.

From the original site: Have you experienced this before? Open the fridge and the mind goes blank.. open the freezer, the mind goes blank.. then open the fridge again, stare blankly into the fridge for 2 minutes and woken up from the blank state by the fridge alarm to close the door. It’s one of those days where the mind does not know what to cook.. Then my hand automatically reach out for the chicken thighs and “Claypot Chicken Rice” just pop into my head.


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I LOVE FOOD - eating that is, always trying out food from different cultures. Living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where food is available 24hours, hunting food places became a weekly past time. 2 years ago when I attended an Ayurvedic talk, only did I realised how much junk i put in my body. Busy lifestyle and hectic schedules did not help, it was easier to have canned & frozen food on standby. Little did I know that those food fill my hunger, but does nothing to my body. I slowly increased my intake of fresh food & ingredients, and begins my quest to re-learn preparing my meals from scratch.. and I've been hooked since! Not having the patience for long hours of food preparation, I always look for easy recipes or simplify them. You will discover how simple it can be to produce delicious and wholesome meals that will sum up your day. I'm here to share QUICK & HEALTHY RECIPES with fresh natural ingredients, that is JUST AS DELISH! I hope I can inspire you to start spending more time in your kitchen and discover the chef within you.
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