Hi all! How are we doing thus far?

Welcome to the Foodwhirl, we hope you’re enjoying yourself here. We’ve been live for a total of 4 days now, although it seems even longer! Be sure to comment on the articles you like… our writers want to know your thoughts

Thanks to everyone for your feedback thus far (here, via email, on Twitter, and on Facebook)… It’s great to hear your thoughts and suggestions–I’ve already implemented several of your suggestions to make the site more readable and usable (some take a bit longer!)– and we’ve been working hard to fix any bugs you’ve reported. Everything should look just right in Firefox and IE 8 (& hopefully Safari & Chrome too) now. If you’re using an old browser, like Internet Explorer 7 or below… well, it won’t look as pretty, but it should function.

We really want this site to be awesome – so we’re looking for suggestions from you guys, what else would you like to see at Foodwhirl? What do you like especially? Is there anything annoying? (Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings!)  Also, I’d like to implement some community features in the future–does that seem like something you’d be interested in?

One question that I really need your help: Currently the “Blog” contains every recipe post, as well as these more conversational Blog posts. Do you like everything in one place like this? Or do you want to see the non-recipe blog posts separately?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by (and for all you’re doing to help spread the word!)…! Don’t forget to sign up for the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything :)



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