High-rise Buttermilk Biscuits

Not only does this post contains recipe for light and buttery biscuits, I include several biscuit making tips. Everybody needs good biscuits!

From the original site:

Biscuits have charm and personality. They’re like the friend you always want to be around because they make you feel happy and cheerful. While it may not be scientifically proven, those of us who spend time around biscuits, making them and serving them, know that they have special powers. A hot biscuit, covered in gravy, syrup, jelly or dripping in butter, is just about as good as food gets.

The proper biscuit making technique was a mystery to me. Figuring out the components was easy : flour, leavening, fat and liquid. But the ratio and handling of the ingredients was something I had a hard time perfecting. I was over-thinking it. The truth of the matter is that good biscuits are one of the easiest things in this world to make. True of authentic Southern cuisine, it’s simple. Simple ingredients and simple cooking instructions. My head kept getting in the way of biscuit making perfection. Not actually my head, but my brain. I was trying to make the task hard so over and over and over again, my biscuits failed.

Get the Recipe: High-rise Buttermilk Biscuits

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