How to Make Your Chicken Soup a Flu Fighting Machine

I was at the doctor’s office the other day when they offered me a flu vaccine. I declined since I was in a low risk category and my job doesn’t necessitate spending too much time around children or other high-risk groups more likely to be contagious. But, as luck would have it, my wife just got sick. Along with the usual complaints of congestion, headache, sinus pressure and more, she was experiencing stomach problems and a fever.

In an effort to fortify myself and give her something to combat the illness I decided on the standard home remedy—chicken soup. Chicken soup has been shown to help break up congestion and eases the flow of nasal secretions. Many say it also inhibits white blood cells that trigger the inflammatory response, causing sore throats and the production of phlegm.

It may do this because chicken itself contains an amino acid called cysteine that is released when cooked. This amino acid thins mucus in the lungs, aiding in the healing process. But since this was no normal cold, I wanted to fortify my soup with a few simple ingredients that also aid in fighting cold and flu symptoms.

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