Instant Pizza Samosa

Almost every Indian craves for samosas as the monsoon knocks the door… the combination of piping hot Samosa with hot sip of coffee or Ginger tea is one of the best combos made in heaven..
I have tried out many fillings in Samosas earlier starting from the traditional potato filling to , Cottage cheese and mixed Veggie too..

It was last evening when it was raining heavily and I thought of making some samosas, but neither had I boiled potatoes handy nor plain flour to make the dough. But, once you decide to make something then you start craving for it isn’t it?? :P Same was with me, and I was in no mood spending entire evening in kitchen preparing something else to satisfy my crave for samosas…
I randomly opened the freezer to check what can be worked around, I found an unopened pack of Samosa Pastry Sheets/Patti Samosa Sheets, and block of cheese… Suddenly the bulb blinked with a visual of cheese oozing out from samosa in my mind… :D And I knew what I was up to…

>>Get the Recipe: Instant Pizza Samosa

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