Blogging: Clever Cakes!

Sometimes I just like to browse flickr for interesting inspirations… Here’s a roundup of some very cool cakes!  A few of these are from professionals, but many are homemade…  See below the big pic from links back to the original photos.  And hey, remember to add your cool food photos to the new Foodwhirl Flickr group!

1. Black and Pink Skull Cake, 2. Zombie Cake, 3. Mango Passion Cake, 4. tropical tricolour cake, sliced, 5. Birthday Pot Plant Cake, 6. Hello Kitty Cake, 7. Birthday Cake for Michelle, 8. Homemade chocolate cake w/real whipped cream center, 9. Lunch Lady Cake, 10. Poppy Cake, 11. cooked t bone steak cake, 12. Dairy Milk Bar Cake

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