About Karen

Hello, my name is Karen and I am NOT a foodie. I do however, like to eat. A lot. I like to eat a lot of food…a lot.

My approach to food has its’ basis in four tenets:
1. I love to cook
2. I despise artificial ingredients of any kind.
3. I am frugal.
4. I am extremely lazy.

The weight each of the above carries depends on the day, however when in doubt, laziness trumps all. Very often my crock pot ranks only below air in that which I love the most.

I spent 9 years as a housewife and stay at home mom. These days my days are far more structured with far less free time. All three children are in school and husband is on the road  – a lot. I am in school full-time, and work part-time. I have much less time to experiment and spend hours cooking.

I love Rachael Ray. I know that opens me up for a lot of mockery, but she makes quick, tasty foods without resorting to the heavily processed packaged items.  Plus there is something new every day which helps with my boredom!

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