Homemade Eclairs

I giggled reading the tales of homemade eclairs over at Made by Nichole.    (I was over there looking at her clever crafting ideas for a post on Dabbled, and found this recipe, so I thought it would be a good one to share on Foodwhirl.)

We made thick sweetened whip cream in a blender ( have you tried that? fast, easy, not messy.) and melted chocolate as the base of our frosting. My boys all experience love most profoundly through their stomachs and their love tanks were full.

My Chris came home, now fifteen years past that galley kitchen, and I nervously offered him the best eclair of the bunch. I held my breath hoping that he would accept it and love it – I mean really, what’s not to love about pastry, whipping cream and chocolate.

He took a bite and his eyes rolled back in pure unguarded rapture.

It turns out he doesn’t remember telling me he didn’t like them and he is pretty sure he thought eclairs were something else.

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