A sparkling champagne raspberry cocktail

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raspberry, orange and basil champagne

Reader Karen over at Tasty Trials shares this deliciously different champagne cocktail with us today!    What a fun combination, Raspberry, Orange and Basil…

Karen writes:

“As we lounged around on the couch watching the game, I was thinking about the raspberries that I needed to use, and soon. I wasn’t in the mood to bake and never need much of an excuse to open a bottle of champagne, so I asked Andy what he thought about raspberry and orange together. Fine, he said. What about raspberry, orange and basil??? The look on his face said it all, but then he elaborated that the addition of the herbs made him uneasy.”

I pureed the ingredients together, leaving the basil out, and gave him a taste. It was good. I added the basil, pureed again, and gave him another sample. Even better. The basil seemed to open up all the other flavors. Winner! “

Go read the whole thing and get the recipe over at Tasty Trials: Raspberry Sparklers

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