A Southern Girl’s Potato Salad

A big thanks to Heidi for sending us her potato salad recipe! Classic Southern-Style Potato Salad Any good southern girl will tell you that no picnic is complete without a great potato salad.  There are millions of variations of this classic side dish and I have tried most of them.  But my all time favorite […]

Over the Top Cupcakes

Do you read Saucy’s Sprinkles?  Such personality, and fun recipes too… particular sweets related.  I spotted these cupcakes and had to share them with you guys here. Saucy writes: So this thought has been swirling around in Saucy’s brain for a long while: how much stuff could she possibly jam into one cupcake? Could a […]

Vegetable Pasta Italiano

I just love a meal I can throw together in a few minutes.  This is super easy and makes use of prepared organic marinara sauce.  I’ve tried it with all kinds of pasta sauces and you just can’t go wrong.   I add veggies to it and prefer to leave them chunky, but my sister always “hid” the […]

Easy Italian Bruchetta

Many of you know that I have an organic produce business, and I also coordinated AND had a booth for my business at the Fayette Co. Earth Day Festival here in Georgia.   I sell a great Marinara Sauce through my business and had it at my booth at the festival.  I also had fresh organic herbs […]

Homemade Eclairs

I giggled reading the tales of homemade eclairs over at Made by Nichole.    (I was over there looking at her clever crafting ideas for a post on Dabbled, and found this recipe, so I thought it would be a good one to share on Foodwhirl.) We made thick sweetened whip cream in a blender ( […]

Milk Toast

Milk Toast was something my mom always made for me on weekends.  Similar to a Fondue or Welsh Rarebit, Milk Toast is a cheese sauce served over stale toasted (or just toasted) bread.  Unlike Fondue or Rarebit, which are a bit more “gourmet”, Milk Toast is a simple combination of Sliced American Cheese, Milk and […]

Magic Middle Peanut Butter cookies by Gonna Want Seconds
Spotlight: Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies

Foodwhirl readers are so creative!  Here’s a great idea from Kathleen, at Gonna Want Seconds..  Magic Middle Peanut Butter Cookies. Chocolate on the outside, and peanut butter centers? Like a Reese’s Cup in cookie form.. Oh! My! Gosh!  I mean  seriously! I think I should rename these cookies to Danger Will Robinson Cookies.  They are […]

Ideas for the weekend: Make English Muffins

Sometimes when flipping through food blogs, I run across an idea that makes me say “huh, I never thought to try that!”.  That was my thought when seeing this post at reader Leslie’s blog, the Sunday Chef!  English Muffins!  We’ve done Challah Bread, Soda Bread, Cornbread (twice), and Whole Wheat Bread… So I figured English […]

Review: Ginger Spice Cookies

I much prefer to bake cookies from scratch, but sometimes it’s nice to just pull out a package of cookie dough and have cookies in 15 minutes!  And the other day I decided to let The Boy bake cookies ‘all by himself’ as a present for Daddy’s birthday.  But storebought cookie dough doesn’t usually impress […]

Brunswick Stew for two.

The Daring Kitchen hosts two monthly challenges, The Daring Baker’s Challenge and The Daring Cook’s Challenge.  Participating in the challenges is a great way to be exposed to new recipes and techniques.  Not being quite daring enough to try the Baker’s Challenge I signed up for the Cook’s Challenge instead.  If you’re interested in the […]

Garlic Chili Asian Salmon with asparagus - foodwhirl.com
Chili-Garlic Salmon, with Asparagus

Is anyone else behind on everything?  I’m feeling that way lately!  Between the 4 yr old being on ‘spring break’ last week, and getting my taxes done (nothing like waiting til the last minute!) and generally over-committing myself, I’m finally catching up. So, when your busy like that, finding time to cook a yummy/healthy meal […]

Loosemeat Sandwiches

This is a messy sandwich. But that’s ok. I’m told there is a sandwich similar to this, a Maid-Rite, out of Ohio or Iowa or Illinois.  Maybe Wisconsin.  I have no idea – just passing along what I’ve been told in the interest of full disclosure.  Cause I like to disclose it all. I just […]

Picnic Fare: Make Cuban Sandwiches

Here in Atlanta where I live, there are fun neighborhood festivals pretty much every weekend in April.  We’ll be going to several in the next few weeks, and these are great sandwiches to toss in the cooler for snacking that is healthier, and cheaper, than your typical greasy festival food! These Cubans are a great […]

Cute! Mock Sushi Eggs

Hopefully you’ve used up all your leftover easter eggs by now, but if not, this is a cute idea! Did you know you can reshape a boiled egg in an egg mold (even after it’s been used as an Easter egg)? Over at Hapa Bento, Debra explains how! And here are some she reshaped in […]

Recently on Foodwhirl!

It’s been a busy week for me, and I know I missed a few good recipes… So in case you did too, here’s what’s been happening recently on Foodwhirl! Recipe Roundup Baked Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese I love butternut squash. I make risotto with it, add it to beef stew, or often simply bake […]


Here’s some trivia for you:  The term “coleslaw” arose in the 20th century as a partial translation from the Dutch term “koolsla”, a shortening of “koolsalade”, which means “cabbage salad”.   In the US, most coleslaw is made with a mayonaise-based dressing, but this is a recipe that has been a favorite in my family for […]

Traditional Deviled Eggs

One of the things I love about Easter is eggs!   And what better to do with hard boiled eggs than deviled eggs.   We are going to an Easter/Birthday Party today and this is one of the dishes I’m taking.  Everybody loves deviled eggs and I’m sure they will disappear quickly!   These will be great alongside […]

Strawberry Curd

Strawberries are finally in season locally, which means they’re once again affordable and fresh.  My four-year-old LOVES them, so they are always on-hand at our house this time of year. I wanted something a little bit more sophisticated to serve with our Easter bunny cake, so I decided to try my hand at a strawberry […]

How to boil an egg (so the shell peels off easily)

Anyone who has ever tried to peel an egg shell easily (and unsuccessfully)  knows that this isn’t as intuitive as one may think. 1. Place eggs in deep pot. 2. Cover eggs with cold water.  Cover pot with lid. 3. Place on stovetop over high heat.  Bring to boil. 4. Immediately at boiling, move pot […]

Simple and Delish: Easter Oreos

We don’t always have time to prepare a from scratch perfect treat… Here’s a fun and simple Easter goodie that looks as good as it tastes.  Because really, can you go wrong with Oreos? From The Picky Palate: These colorful Easter Oreos are a must for your Easter table if you ask me!!  When I […]

Easter Brunch: How about a Quiche?

Here are a few ideas! Mini Veggie Quiches at Christina EATS Quiche Lorraine Scones at Good Life Eats Pear and Camembert Quiche at The Creative Pot Ham, Asparagus, and Gruyère Quiche at My Kitchen Addiction Or this one, a Rosti Quiche… I love the idea of using potatoes… “Rosti” Quiche! When my kids were little, […]

The Italian Meatball

It has taken me years to perfect the Italian meatball.  I have yet to find a restaurant that makes it to my standards.  And yes, I am very well aware that it’s most likely my standards that are the problem and not the restaurants, but let’s just thank me for my 15+ years of meatball […]

Spotlight – Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs

Browsing the webs for more interesting egg ideas, I wandered across this by NoobCook.  If you’re not going to go for dying the outsides of eggshells this year, perhaps this would be a fun and tasty alternative!  I’ve seen these before and they always struck me as so beautiful…  I’ve also seen this done with […]

Update: Is Foodwhirl Looking For You!?

Several people have asked “what’s the deadline, since you’re asking for a sample post and I haven’t had time to make one up yet!?”.  No worries.  Just drop me an email asap letting me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you the additional info.  Then you can get us the sample post after you have […]

April Fool: tromp l’oeil Eggs & Toast!

Happy April Fool… Do you have any fun April Fool Food ideas like this one from Eggs on Sunday? See below for the scoop on what it really is, and the link to the How To! …that are really meyer lemon pudding, meyer lemon curd and toasted cinnamon cake slices! I saw this recipe from […]