Green Chile Stew

Green Chile Stew from the famed Pink Adobe Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM uses seasonal Hatch chiles to their best! Fragrant, flavorful, perfect pork stew!

From the original site: My light bulb moment came when I mused that Hatch chiles are grown in New Mexico, so an authentic New Mexican treatment of them would be in order.

Off to my bulging bookshelf I went, for “The Pink Adobe Cookbook,” by Rosalea Murphy. This 1988 classic features recipes from “the Pink,” as it is called by locals in Santa Fe, where it has been open since 1944. Between Murphy’s roots inNew Orleans and San Antonio, and the natural Anglo-American, Hispanic and native American cultures that combine in Santa Fe, this book is a feast of authentic fusion.

I had earmarked her Green Chile Stew way back when. Now, 23 years after I got the book, I finally had that recipe bubbling on my stove. Talk about delayed gratification!

It was worth the wait!

Green Chile Stew hero_1.JPG (365 KB)

>>Get the Recipe: Green Chile Stew

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