Jelly Filled Cupcakes

This is an easy recipe to make – you can even get the kids involved! I like it because it makes a sweet treat that isn’t too rich. You can also easily customize the cupcakes by adding different flavors of jelly for different tastes. It’s versatile, inexpensive and delicious!

Quoting the original site: Then, using a bakers bag (this is one case where I recommend the bakers bag instead of a plain old Ziploc bag – it works better and it’s more stiff) insert a metal tip with a plain hole at the end. Place your finger, or a folded paper towel over the tip’s end so no filling leaks out. Then, spoon the filling into the bag and squeeze out the air.

Filled-cupcakes-step-4.jpg (77 KB)

>>Get the Recipe: Jelly Filled Cupcakes

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