cauliflower faux mashed potatoes

How to make cauliflower taste good like mashed potatoes

The Novice Chef makes an attempt I have tried before and failed at.  (yes, I ended that sentence in a preposition, sue me.)  How to use cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes and have it taste actually tasty.  Unlike Jessica, I actually like cauliflower, but although it has been claimed that you can make it into a carb friendly alternative to mashed potatoes, I’ve never tasted true success.  I’m looking forward to trying her version!

cauliflower faux mashed potatoesSo there it was, me vs. the cauliflower. I tried many recipes I found online…from roasting the cauliflower to including butter in the mash. But while it tasted ok, it just wasn’t right. I was missing that tang from the sour cream. Plus the amount of butter I had to use to try to make them edible was definitely not ass friendly. So I threw out that batch and started fresh, I was on a mission. And then it came to me…like the gods of cauliflower sent me a message….Greek Yogurt! I used the fat free Greek Yogurt and it gave me that tang I was missing! It added that creamy consistency and it made me into an instant lover of cauliflower! I have 4 bags waiting in my freezer now!

Go read the whole thing at get the recipe!

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