Blackberry Compote with Gluten-Free, Vegan Crepes

These crepes look delish! And I love the idea of making your own compote. Check it out!

On our recent trip to the local farmer’s market, we bought a couple crates of black berries. Juicy, sweet, bright, tart and aromatic –is exactly how these berries have been. We enjoyed a crate as soon as we got home and saved the other for later.

The husband, I presumed, had completely forgotten about these berries, till he asked a few days later if we still had any left. I had tucked it away, on a purpose, behind the numerous other things in the refrigerator and responded “I guess we finished them all!” The reason – with father’s day around the corner, I wanted to surprise the daddy–daughter pair with something simple but berry-licious.

Get the Recipe:

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