chocolate covered petite eclairs

Chocolate Covered Coffee Petite Eclairs

How about something delightfully decadent the next time you get an urge to bake?  Check out these chocolate covered eclairs from Foodalution!  When you’ve mastered cookies and cakes, knowing how to make pâte à choux should certainly be part of your advanced repertoire…

chocolate covered petite eclairsI decided to embrace French Pastry making, specifically petite éclairs. Why? Because the French do it better, that’s why. Their precision, attention to detail, design and beauty is second to none. I shy away from lengthy recipes that seem “complicated and confusing”. I tend to lose my focus quite easily, so taking on a 3 step French pastry recipe demanded all of my attention. I like to be tested, to see if I can accomplish what I previously thought was impossible. And tested I was as I set out to create these delicious, bite sized, French pasty treats. My little femme fatales…. irresistible to all!

For the first part of the recipe, I made Choux Paste or as the French call it…pate a choux. This really turned out to be a divine little pastry dough that I am looking forward to using again. The recipe is quite simple… but if never done before… make sure you read the directions a few times before making the dough. I learned that is feels so much better to be able to anticipate the next step in a recipe, rather than scrambling in the moment and potentially botching your recipe.

Go read the whole thing, and get the recipe! Chocolate Covered Coffee Petite Éclairs

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